Please order Import & Export operations, customs clearance, overseas and domestic delivery business, etc.

Company Profile

Company name Trade Express Corporation 
Foundation July 2, 1956
Representative Representative director Issei Kobayashi
Capital. 10 million yen
Employee 13
Location Kannai Mark Bldg. 4F, 6-86-1 Onoecho, Nakaku, Yokohama, Kanagawa 231-0015, Japan
TEL +81-45-651-2631(Main)
FAX +81-45-651-5423
Business Customs clearance, warehousing, transportation handing, insurance agent, sea cargo handling, air cargo handling, engineering, temp agency and total business which accompanies each business.
The list of
fiber, food, machine, electric good, engineering, toy, chemistry, auto parts and shipping, miscellaneous goods, plastics, wood, metal, precious metal and others.
Main Bank Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Yokohama Branch
Mizuho Bank Yokohama Branch
Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Bank Yokohama Branch
Resona Bank Yokohama Branch

Main client Western Japan Trading Co.,Ltd.
Tomoe Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Fact Incorporation
Matsubishi Unyu Co.,Ltd.
Maruha Nichiro Corporation
Uni-x Corporation
Isuzu Motors Ltd.
Isuzu Techno Co.,Ltd.
Caravan Co.,Ltd.
Cleanup Corporation
Showa Shoji Co.,Ltd.
Chikazawa Lace Co.,Ltd.
Toho Shoten Co.,Ltd.

Main cooperative
J-Pack Co.,Ltd.
Moji Koun Kaisha,Ltd.
Shiratori Unyu Co.,Ltd.
Toyo Logistics Co.,Ltd.
Trantus Co.,Ltd.
ALS Co.,Ltd.
Aoba Co.,Ltd.
Asano Shipping Co.,Ltd.
Hakuei Trans co.,Ltd.
Horiuchi Unso Co.,Ltd.
Japan Trade & Transportation Co.,Ltd.
Hankyu Hanshin Express Co.,Ltd

Agency of
Shanghai Asian Development Int’l Trans Pudong Co.,Ltd. (All Chinese Areas)
DN Agencies SDN BHD (Malaysia)
Nihon Package(Thailand) Co.,Ltd. (Thailand)
ADP Logistics (S) Pte Ltd. (Singapore)
Parkstar Hong Kong Logistics (Hong Kong)
Taiwan Loxson International Logistics Co.,Ltd.(Taiwan)
ECL Myanmar Co.,Ltd.(Myanmar)
K1 Trans Co.,Ltd. (South Korea)
Thami Shipping & Airfreight Corp. (Vietnam)


The business is started as Trade Express Corporation (Yamashitacho, Naka-ku, Yokohama).
November,1973 A license of a customs clearance business is acquired (the Yokohama Customs).
April,1986 Sanko Shipping Corporation is merged.
April,1986 Moving to another location (Chojamachi,Naka-ku,Yokohama)
December,1997 The Sales Division is established.
April,1998 Agency agreement with Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Company, Limited.
December,2004 First-class freight use transportation business (Automobile) is approved.
February,2011 The registration which is temporary personnel business.
July,2013 The Engineering Division is established.
September,2015 Joining in Association of Japan Myanmar Mutual cooperation.
March,2016 The approval which is admission to JIFFA (Japan International Freight Forwarders Association Inc.) .
March,2016 First-class freight use transportation business (Oceangoing) is approved.
June,2016 Statement of mutual agreement for operation outsourcing is exchanged with Association of Japan Myanmar Mutual Cooperation (AJMMC).
The completion which is registration to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport as a company which affects SOLAS treaty.
October,2016 Moving to a present location (Onoecho,Naka-ku)


Private policy

Trade Express Corporation (Hereinafter Trade corporation is us.) respects customer's privacy and protects personal information with the following basic policy.
1、 When acquiring personal information from customers, we specify the use purpose as much as possible and acquire personal information in a necessary area.
2、 We limit to a necessary area and use it for the use purpose to achieve customer's personal information.
When the necessity to use personal information beyond this area occurred, I get customers' consent about the use except for the case permitted by a law.
3、 When customers' personal information is handled, we put a person in charge of management and make an effort toward management appropriate to unjust access to personal information, loss, destruction, garble and prevention of a leak, etc..
4、 When getting customers' consent, or we don't offer customers' personal information to a third person except for the case permitted by a law.
Further, when offering customers' personal information to a third person, offered information is limited to a necessary area. We require management of personal information by contract to a third person as well as supervise appropriately.
5、 When customers hope for customers' inquiry of personal information and correction, we behave promptly in the rational area.
6、 We obey the law and the model applied about personal information as well as reconsider the item above-mentioned suitably and improve.
Trade Express Corporation

Customs Clearance


Distributive Processing

Sea and Air Cargo Handling

Overseas Intermodal Transport

Insurance Agency Business

Domestic Delivery service

Please order Import & Export operations, customs clearance, overseas and domestic delivery business, etc.